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Home - Tips For Making Your Players Feel Successful

  Tips For Making Your Players Feel Successful

When it comes to your players, all of them need to feel some element of success.  If they never feel like they’re improving, or that they’re always failing, then they’re not going to enjoy the game. And, their performance, and possibly their self esteem, will sink even further.

This can not only drag the player down, but perhaps the entire team as well.

There are several ways to experience the feeling of success.  And, we’re not just talking about winning here.

If you truly want your players to grow and feel great about their game, and themselves, then forget about winning.  Focus instead on celebrating every player’s unique contributions to the team, and the successes of the team as a whole.

Here are just a few basketball coaching tips that you can use to celebrate the small victories for each player, and the team.

    * Make sure your drills range in difficulty so that every player has the chance to shine.  For some players, just finishing a drill is a success. If you have a player who struggles with that, don’t forget to praise them when they finish one successfully.

    * Don’t forget to dole out praise to everyone on the team.  Give your players a pat on the back when they’re doing well, and tell them specifically that you’ve noticed their improvement.  Always congratulate players how they have made progress.  It’s your job to remind them how great they’re doing!

    * Reward a player’s hard work.  This can lead to even more improvement.

    * Make sure you’re measuring your players’ performance.  And, you’re almost unlimited in what you can measure.  You can track the number of form shots someone takes during practice, the number of game rebounds, the amount of assists per game…it’s all up to you.  Start at the beginning of the season so you can show your players how they’re improving over time.

    * Don’t be too quick to criticize players.  Yes, you need to give constructive feedback, but always mention what a player is doing right as well.  People always respond better to feedback when a compliment comes first!

Young players can be very sensitive to the ups and downs they’ll experience as they learn the game.  But as their coach, you can make a big difference simply by giving them compliments and encouragement along the way.  Every player has something unique to offer the team, so help them stand out and reward their progress as they go!

Whether you are coaching basketball or playing basketball, you can find more tips and advice by visiting BreakthroughBasketball.com.

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